Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Glittering Lapel

A pair of clip on earrings may not be the earring of choice for a lot of women who have pierced ears. And some clip earrings are not necessarily comfortable to wear. Here's an idea for you to enjoy your wonderful vintage pieces and add just as much (if not more) glam to your look for the day or night.

Clip the earrings onto the lapel of your blouse, shirt or jacket. There so many possibilities for bringing in some interest and sparkle to your clothing. I experimented with a variety of earrings and here are a couple of tips. One pair of earrings that I used were a little on the heavy side and gravity wanted to take control. I found that if you use the rubber comfort cushion that we find on some of the old pieces, it is less likely that the earring will slip out of place. Most of the earrings that I tried worked well clipped to the top of the lapel but some will appear to be upside-down. These earrings will work better on the bottom edge of the collar. All of these earrings are in my etsy shop at

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