Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vintage Costume Jewelry Gets Tabled

Hosting a lunch or dinner party gives us the opportunity to go the extra mile and do something special for our guests. Much of the time a little experimentation with the tableware and linens that we already have in our homes is the way to go. I added a little ribbon and some bling from my jewelry collection and this is what I came up with. The jewelry can be a gift to your guest to remember the day. The jewelry here can be found at

A Glittering Lapel

A pair of clip on earrings may not be the earring of choice for a lot of women who have pierced ears. And some clip earrings are not necessarily comfortable to wear. Here's an idea for you to enjoy your wonderful vintage pieces and add just as much (if not more) glam to your look for the day or night.

Clip the earrings onto the lapel of your blouse, shirt or jacket. There so many possibilities for bringing in some interest and sparkle to your clothing. I experimented with a variety of earrings and here are a couple of tips. One pair of earrings that I used were a little on the heavy side and gravity wanted to take control. I found that if you use the rubber comfort cushion that we find on some of the old pieces, it is less likely that the earring will slip out of place. Most of the earrings that I tried worked well clipped to the top of the lapel but some will appear to be upside-down. These earrings will work better on the bottom edge of the collar. All of these earrings are in my etsy shop at

A Wild Hat Accessory

This hat application has a nod to the jungle. I mixed a leopard print scarf with a not-so-wild highly decorated elephant. She loves to wear jewelry as much as we do. I wrapped a long and narrow scarf around the hat and tucked the ends under the wrap and added the elephant for some interest and sparkle. I just added this elephant brooch to my etsy shop

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Clip On a New Look

Today I did a little trial and error in my search for unique and helpful ideas for our vintage costume jewelry. I tried a few things, but these are the ideas I liked the best. The first involves a clip on earring. A scarf used as a hatband is usually accomplished by tying the scarf in a knot. To have a less bulky application, criss cross the scarf where it meets and fasten it with a clip on earring. It adds a little sparkle and keeps the scarf lying flat against the hat. This is one of a pair of Coro earrings. I have them for sale on my etsy site

Friday, July 9, 2010

Show Off that Jewelry

This is day #1 of my very first blog. Here is my plan. Vintage costume jewelry is the subject of my latest fascination and I'm about to think through different ways, beside the conventional ones, to use earrings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets so that we can all enjoy our precious treasures more often. Let's get those sparkly rhinestones out of the jewelry box and have some fun.
I'll fool around with this tomorrow and take some photos. Come back and see what I come up with.