Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why I Love Vintage #2 – Something Old from Something Old

I buy vintage textiles when I recognize them and figure out what they are and what to do with them on closer examination at home. This quilt was purchased at an auction. I bought it because of the bark cloth and other vintage textiles that were pieced together for the back. The front was an uninteresting patchwork of 12" squares of solid ducks and denims, a basic utilitarian quilt. It was clean and tied with 6 strand knots of embroidery floss. The back was prettier than the front. I could have sold it as-is or used it myself as a back-up blanket in my blanket chest.

I like to examine the construction of my finds; I peeked in a corner to see what is inside. Sighting a vintage pink cotton blanket used as quilt batting I gave myself permission to dismantle the quilt. I didn't need much encouragement as I was very interested in those bark cloth strips.

The green bark cloth was gleaned by taking the back apart at every seam. I put the bark cloth in my Etsy shop and have already sold 5 of the eight pieces. The large vintage cotton print in the center of the back was also washed and prepared for resale but the pink blanket was what I was curious about.

I was pleased that the blanket was in very good condition with no holes; just missing binding at the top and bottom. I could have sold the blanket as it was but I decided to put new bindings on the ends.

Satin binding would be nice; cotton calico would also be cute. I did a little search for an attractive match, opening drawers and shirt boxes in all my hiding places throughout the house. Nothing was saying, "yes," to me until I walked past the clean and folded, ready to be photographed, cotton fabric from the quilt back. That said, "yes."

I cut strips of the fabric, folded them and pressed them, and hand stitched them to the blanket. I could have machine stitched the binding but it didn't take long at all to do by hand and the stitches are hidden. It seems to be quicker for me to just sew by hand rather than pull out the sewing machine. My luck is that the bobbin thread runs out as soon as I get on a roll anyway.

The blanket is for sale in my Etsy shop at
Vinage Pink Cotton Blanket Salvaged Textiles by BettyandBabs

More of the binding fabric can be found at
Vintage Cotton Print Salvaged Textile 50s Remnant by BettyandBabs

Bark cloth remnants are still available at
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